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Gone Away™ Stain Remover
Contains natural Thymol solution
Premium formula for removing staining of nail as a result of fungal infections
Effective in removing stubborn nail stains
Bacterial and fungal infections of your client’s nails are unsightly and at times difficult to treat. With
Gone Away™, managing the staining associated with these situations becomes far simpler.
Gone Away™ will help you provide solutions to your clients seemingly untreatable nail staining.

Restores the appearance of healthy nails. Sanitizes and dehydrates eliminating the
environment necessary for the growth of mould and bacteria. Yellow, brown or green
discoloration at the nail tips and spreading down towards the cuticle are a hallmark of this
condition. Thymol is a time honoured formulation used by dermatologist to manage these
types of nail infections. When the unsightly nail colour no longer continues to extend
toward the cuticle, the application is having an effect . Old infected nail must grow out and
this may take 6-12 months. Continue application with Gone Away throughout this time.
Apply one to two droplets twice a day under nail plate. Minimize water contact with nails.
Discontinue use of artificial nail tips if wearing them. Signs of inflammation, pain,
lumpiness, black colour change, or pus coming from the cuticles are all reasons to see
your physician.

Remove your clients nail coatings and have them apply Gone Away™ twice daily to clean
cuticle areas and nail grooves for 2 weeks. Saturate the affected areas using this regime
until nails are free of signs of staining. Applying treatments to coloured or treated nails
may increase the treatment time to 4 weeks or more. The repair time will depend on the
severity of the staining and compliance with the treatment regime.

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