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Save time and effort during the manicure and pedicure process. 
Classic Cuticle Remover assists with the removal of the cuticle by softening and gently lifting excess tissue and dead skin skills from cuticle area and nail plate, leaving the nail clean and ready for all enhancements.

Nourishing Pink Cuticle Remover is a pink coloured, softly fragranced, water based gel with natural, moisturising wax exfoliating particles, eucalyptus and lavender actives. In a water based gel format, Nourishing Cuticle Remover is an active but gentle cuticle exfoliator gel that massages away dry cuticles and dead cells, giving nails an even, radiant and attractive outline.

Enriched with Eucalyptus oil that has been shown to assist skin and cuticle hydration and improve barrier function, Nourishing Cuticle Remover helps skin and cuticles remain healthy looking and supple.


Nourishing Cuticle Remover:

•Gently exfoliates dry cuticles and dead skin cells

•Delivers hydration actives to cuticle area

•Assists with hydration and suppleness of skin and cuticle area

•Richly moisturises skin and cuticles

Instructions for Use

1. Apply a coat of remover around the clean contour of your nail.

2. Leave on for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Insufficient exposure leads to ineffective removal. Leaving on for too long dries up the remover, making it harder to push back the cuticle, plus it may also damage the living tissue.

3. In a circular motion, gently roll back the cuticle with a dry plastic manicure stick or an orange stick.

4. Wipe the white dead skin residue off your nail. 

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