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  Tips for SEARCHING Date: 21/07/2009  

The SEARCH function is very powerful. To get the best results, type in less of the words rather than more.

For example, body wraps will find no results. Remove the plural and enter body wrap and this will give you the result you may want. Also, part words work very well. The search term cr sol oil will return Creative Solar Oil. The search term man aloe wax will return results for Mancine Aloe Waxes. And pom lot will display Mancine Pomegranate Lotions.

Try your own shortcut words to see what results will be displayed. By checking the Search In Product Descriptions box, the search will also look inside the product information text. Look for natalie dry skin with the extra checkbox and you will see products that belong to the dry skin range. This type of search will always bring a greater result based on the information held on each product. Try jojoba with the extra search box checked. You will be suprised what products contain jojoba.

Because we all use different words to describe the same thing, try alternative words or words that may describe the treatment process. The information may be included in the product information text.

Any problems or issues, please contact us with your suggestions.

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