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How do I start using this site?

There are no restrictions on this site. Simply start using it. You will need to log in if you wish to maintain a Shopping Cart and purchase stock or create a Favourites List.

Why do I need to log in at all?

You will need to log in if you wish to purchase any items or review your cart or previous purchases. You will also need to have a login if you wish to suscribe to email notifications or monitor product changes.

I have never purchased anything from National Salon Supplies before. What must I do to become a customer?

Simply register online and place an order.

What are those CLUB prices on each product?

Customers who elect to join our Loyalty Club will use the CLUB price block when determining their  product price and total order cost.

What is the LOYALTY CLUB?

The LOYALTY CLUB is an exclusive club managed by National Salon Supplies that enables all members to receive many everyday products including  consumables and disposables at the lowest possible price (many items are at near cost). Membership is available by subscription and is renewable each 12 months.

How do I join the LOYALTY CLUB?

It's simple to join. Just click onto the checkbox at the bottom of your order in the shopping cart or ring (or email the office) and ask to join. The subscription fee is $99.00 per annum (which covers administration and overheads) and enables you to automatically receive the CLUB price every time you order.

How do I know what items are part of the LOYALTY CLUB?

Simply click onto the checkbox Club Items Only in the Search Navigation frame on top of the page and click Apply. All Club items will be listed. You can further search within this group by selecting other sort boxes and clicking Apply.

Why is there a LOYALTY CLUB? Why don't we just lower the price for everybody?

If all we did was sell our products cheap, then many customers will only buy these cheap items. We want to build a loyal customer base, establish a strong relationship with each customer and to serve them in all ways, not just price. Our mission statement and company motto is "National Salon Supplies aims to partner our clientele to success through Support, Motivation, Innovation, Leadership and Education. We are here for you!"
National Salon Supplies is not just a cash and carry store like many of our competitors, our aim is to build a mutually successful partnership with each customer. Remember, your success is our success.

What happened to the printed Sales Catalogue that was posted every 2 months?

The front page of this website is now the sales catalogue. Instead of trying to squeeze everything onto a small part of the page, we now use pdf brochures to pass on this information in full detail.

Just click onto an interesting image/Text Header and download the brochure you are interested in.

How often is the Price List issued?

National Salon Supplies no longer prints pricelists and sends them to all customers. The prices are only available on the web on this site. Customers who do not have computer or web access need to contact the office for alternative solutions.

The prices on this site are accurate. They are updated daily and reflect the correct special price, the correct Club Price and the correct quantity price break. Naturally, prices can change without notice, and National Salon Supplies reserves the right to change prices at any time. Orders that are made with incorrect prices will be referred back to the customer before processing.

I work from home. Can I still log in and buy my products from you?

To purchase from National Salon Supplies, you do not have to work in a professional salon. First, you must be a student or be qualified as an accredited member of the Beauty Industry. Second, you must submit that information to National Salon Supplies so that we can check that you are able to use the professional products that we supply. It is that simple.

How do I check for Specials?

Click onto the Sales Items Only check box on the search function at the top of the page. Click apply. All the current specials will then be displayed. Naturally you can fine tune your search by adding more selection fields.

Can I check to see what Specials are in the Club?

Sure, just click on both check boxes Club Items only and Sale items only.

Can I add items to my cart from my Favourites List?

Yes, click onto the My Favourites line.

To copy the item into your shopping cart, simply click the Add To Cart button for the product you want added. 

To add to your cart and remove the item from your favourites, click on the Move To Cart box followed by the Update button.

Can I have a different Shipping Address for different orders?

Yes. Simply change your shipping details at the time you confirm your order. You may also add alternative shipping addresses by clicking onto Edit Address Book in My Account Info. Box and click on the Add Address button to store another shipping address. You can have 5 shipping addresses and you can change them on the invoice when each invoice is generated.

How do I delete an item from my Shopping Cart?

Click onto Cart Contents located on the right hand side of the green navigation bar at the top of the screen.

When the cart contents are displayed, there will be a red circle with a dash through it located to the left of the product image. Simply click onto this icon and the system will ask you if you want to remove the product from the shopping cart. Click Yes and the product will be removed.

How do I print my proposed order?

When you reach the Order Confirmation screen during Checkout, there is a Print Version Icon located at the top right of the order being displayed. Click that Icon to bring up a new window with your order displayed in Ready-to-print format.

Why do selected products say warehouse item? 

Selected product lines can be slow movers or have long supplier delivery times. At National we want to ensure we send you the freshest stock & still offer those hard to find products. Add the product to your cart & we will inform you of the ETA on that product. Alternatively call 1300 787 771 & we can assist with your enquiry.
Please note: *Payment is required before ordering any “Warehouse Item”.  

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