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Loyalty Club

What is the LOYALTY CLUB?

The LOYALTY CLUB is an exclusive club managed by National Salon Supplies that enables all members to receive many everyday products including  consumables and disposables at the lowest possible price (many items are at near cost). Membership is available by subscription and is renewable each 12 months.

How do I join the LOYALTY CLUB?

It's simple to join. Just click onto the checkbox at the bottom of your order in the shopping cart or ring (or email the office) and ask to join. The subscription fee is $99.00 per annum (which covers administration and overheads) and enables you to automatically receive the CLUB price every time you order.

How do I know what items are part of the LOYALTY CLUB?

Every item is part of the Loyalty Club. Discounts can be viewed on our website and will show on your invoice.
It's that easy!

Why is there a LOYALTY CLUB? Why don't we just lower the price for everybody?

If all we did was sell our products cheap, then many customers will only buy these cheap items. We want to build a loyal customer base, establish a strong relationship with each customer and to serve them in all ways, not just price. Our mission statement and company motto is "National Salon Supplies aims to partner our clientele to success through Support, Motivation, Innovation, Leadership and Education. We are here for you!"
National Salon Supplies is not just a cash and carry store like many of our competitors, our aim is to build a mutually successful partnership with each customer. Remember, your success is our success.

How do I know what my order costs as a Club Member?

When you display any product, you will see two prices. One will be the normal price and the other will be the Club price. If you are a Club member or you are joining the Club with your current order. then you will be charged the Club price when the actual invoice is raised. When you look at the cart contents, you will see two totals. You will be charged the Club total. The order you are building will be sent to National Salon Supplies and an Invoice will be raised with Club prices. You will then be called to confirm the Invoice and discuss payment methods.

What happens when my Club membership expires?

If you choose to renew you can do so over the phone, online or in-store. If not, your pricing will return to Normal prices on the day after your membership expires. You can renew at anytime afterwards.

Can someone else use my membership?

Your membership is either for you as a person or in your business name. If you sell your business, we expect that the membership will go to the new owner. If you have a personal membership, then that will always stay with you. No other person or business can use your membership while you still have it.

What guarantee is there that these Club Prices will remain?

The Club prices will remain as low as possible and will always be lower than normal prices. Generally, the Club price is the absolute lowest price we can offer and does not require a bulk purchase.

Who can buy at Club prices?

Anyone can join the Club and automatically get Club prices for 12 months.

What other benefits will I get for being a member?

Club members will receive special discounts which will not be available to non Club Members.

Savings are calculated per invoice & deducted automatically

Discounts commence at time of joining

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