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Search Feature

The Search Feature is located at the top of each page.

Its primary intention is to make finding products simple, easy and fast.

In the first box, you can enter any word or part of a word that you feel will match your search needs. You can use multiple words or parts of words and they can be in any order. Any product name or subdescription that matches these words or parts of words will be displayed. Simply pace the cursor in the box and type your data. If you want to remove text first, use the Backspace key the delete old text.

If you wish to extend your search to look into the product text descriptions then you must click onto the checkbox for "Search In Product Descriptions". When you do this, the words or part of words you entered will be searched within the product descriptions that exist for every product. Any match will display these products as well as those that match any part of the name or subdescription for that product.

You can also select to restrict your search to either a major category or a subcategory. If you select an entry from the "Categories" box, only products from those categories will be displayed.

Similarly, you can restrict your searching to a brand. Simply select one of these from the "Brands" box and only those products that have been labeled as  that Brand will be displayed.

If you want to restrict your search to Club items only, then click the "Club items only" checkbox. Products identified as being Club products will be displayed.

If you want to restrict your search to those items that are currently on sale, then click onto the "Sale items only" checkbox. Products identified as currently on Sale wil be displayed.

If you wish to restrict your search to items that have reviews written, click onto the checkbox titled "Reviewed Products".

You must click on the "Search" box to submit your search details. The results will be displayed wilthin a few seconds.

You can enter details into any and every box to fine tune your search. Remember that the more you enter, the more restrictive will be your search and may result in no products being found.

The Reset checkbox will reset any changes you have made since the last search. If you wish to make a new search, then you will need to change the fields that a still checked. A quick way of resetting all fields is to click the top of page banner which will bring you HOME.

If you click onto a Category from the left side of the screen, the website will reset all the search checkboxes and fields and insert the category selected into the Categories box. It will then initiate a search.

You can perform a search at any stage of your session.

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